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  • Explosive Present Perfect Collaboration in POPPLET

    Present perfect or Past Perfect are not phrases that reflect the thrilling lesson planning moment I had in collaboration with Tweet mates and my Facebook network. Collaboration is part of my perfect world of learning mixed with a bit of chaos and fun in which everyone involved has a lot to contribute to the whole,…

  • Join #edchats

    There are many educators and people in general who think Twitter is just for nonsense personal types of things. However, I must say that since 2007, it has provided me with insights, connections, resources that go much beyond “in the bathroom”, “at the airport”, “at home” types of prepositional tweets. If you start following the…

  • Twitter Mosaic

    Many of us in Twitter keep praising the advantages of being connected through microblogging. Thanks to Bill Graziadei, I can now make a Twitter Mosaic. It’s clear to me that everyone in this human mosaic adds value to my professional and personal life in such meaningful ways that are beyond words.