7th Casa Thomas Jefferson TEFL – Driving Development

Day 204 - Connected

This year our school seminar has meant interconnectedness for me. I’ve connected to some people I follow in Twitter and some of my followers in Twitter were really kind to contact me. What a blast as it shows exactly what Erika and I were trying to present, Digital Magic in Professional Development. We could exemplify exactly what we’ve been preaching for a while about professional development as a lifelong, sustainable, collective, networked endeavor, not institutionally-bond. It’s all about connecting to people, the ones you share and get so much from, the ones who email you, the ones who interact with you from a distance.

I couldn’t be happier to see one some my bosses and colleagues presenting about exciting digital resources. I couldn’t be more encouraged to keep moving forward in the tireless job of trying to inspire others. If when Erika and I presented some years ago we’ve had sessions with 2/3 participants, now we have our rooms full of excited with sparkling eyes educators who want change, challenge, who want to understand how and where to get started in cyberworld.

I couldn’t feel more comforted every time I see the dedication of the group of Ed Tech dreamers, inspiring team I am lucky enough to work with. We’ve been doing our best to inspire our colleagues. The CTJ Electronic Village, a format of rotating sessions inspired by TESOL’s Electronic Village, proved that the power of our collaboration and organization is translated into a successful tech-endeavor.


I couldn’t feel more self-assured that with small steps – without giving up – can take us and others far…

Some of the wonderful presentations of our 7th CTJ TEFL can be found on our School Website.


2 responses to “7th Casa Thomas Jefferson TEFL – Driving Development”

  1. Hey Carla…
    What a privilege this time I managed to be with you guys. A truly awe-inspiring event. It’s true most of us can feel your energy in cyberspace but having the chance of being together for a couple of days was really special. The organization of the event was impeccable, to say the least. I already miss you guys – Erika, Denise, Ronaldo, José Antônio, Isabella, Bete…the ones I had the chance to be closer… Wish we could have stayed longer…I feel like a sponge when I am surrounded by brilliant people like you – and I try to soak up everything possible. I’ll be organizing my pictures soon and they’ll be online soon.
    Thanks a million for the support.

  2. Dear Gilmar,

    I was really pleased to have had the chance to meet you. What a joy to make the connections even stronger through a f2f gathering. I’m glad you enjoyed our seminar and hope to keep in touch learning and sharing with you.

    I just loved your photopeach! A special treat to all of us, and now you can have a snapshot of our seminar on our Website.

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