Cool Tool of the Week – Toasting My Screen

Today, via Coolcatteacher in Twitter, I came across Screentoaster, a free online screencasting option with no need to download any apps to your computer.

They are still in Beta and you need an invitation code, which I got in my email immediately after I requested it.

It’s very straightforward to record your screen there following the instructions. The audio you record after you’ve captured the screen, which feels a little awkward, but it’s manageable after some practice. You can also add subtitles after having captured the screen.

Then, it’s just a matter of publishing it and getting the embeddable code.

Free online screencasting tool

All in all, screentoaster is a nice free option to prepare tutorials, show specific collections of pages and adding voice comment.

In this first toasted screen above, I talked about a very nice Flickr post Cheryl Oakes sent to me. It can be very useful for our educational visual explorations.


2 responses to “Cool Tool of the Week – Toasting My Screen”

  1. Carla, thanks for sharing Screentoaster! Something new to play with tomorrow.

  2. Cheryl, yes. It’s fun to play, though jing for me is still unbeatable! Screentoast is a good option for a change. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a student record a screencast without voice, then the other added the audio to it and they could compare what the one who captured the screen had in mind and what the final result was? Crazy idea, but THAT would be cool!

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