Exciting 19th Literature with 21st Century Web Tools

Using 21st century tools to explore 19th century literature

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I could be here telling you how a session and some ideas can be taken to the next level by a team of creative educators. However, no words are needed when all the details and web tools are there for you to explore. Two dear friends and co-moderators of our EVO Digital Storytelling session in Jan/Feb 2011 used some of the ideas explored in our online session to explore 19th literature with their students in a fun, meaningful, digitally comprehensive way.

With you, Jane Petring’s and Mary Hilli’s

Using 21st Century Tools to Explore 19th Century Literature

By accessing their wiki page, you’ll understand why I don’t have to say much here…Be inspired and take some action!


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  1. A perfect example of transmedia storytelling! I’ll add the character tweeting example to my Twitter Fiction list.

    Congratulations to Jane and Mary and thanks for sharing it Carla!

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