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As a group of wonderful, inspired educators – Alice Barr, Ana Maria Menezes, Bob Sprankle, Cheryl Oakes, Daniela Munca, Jane Petring, João Alves, Mary Hillis, Nina Liyulkun, Ronaldo Júnior, and Susan Burg – get ready to co-moderate a free six-week online session, Images4Education, through the Electronic Village Online, I’ve been totally immersed in Flickrverse. My main focus has been the potential of Flickr in the Classroom.

It’s been a journey of discoveries. True pearls. Starting with Mike Coghlan’s tweet and enjoying his very straightforward wiki which he’s been using to train educators.


I’m lucky to be in Twitter and connect so easily to others…

Back to Flickr, would you like to see even more? The wiki is a very comprehensive resource if you plan to work with Flickr4Education.

By the way, a Diigo group called Flickr in Education was also a place that I looked for good references. Though it is still a small library of bookmarks, it has provided me with great tools and blog posts. Our own Diigo space to share bookmarks during the Images4Education session is starting to take shape and soon will be a resources-rich hub for educators when the group starts to add their contribution.

Talking about Flickr posts that are worth exploring and considering in an educational setting, here are some true gems worth spending time with, even if they are not all directly connected to education, they can give you wonderful ideas:

My Own Interesting Snippets

Why Flickr and Alan Levine Rock
Telling Tales with Flickr
Classroom Uses of Flickr

The Davey’s: Best of Flickr
Embed Flickr Notes in Other Websites

Motivating Language Learners with Flickr

These are just some of the finest pearls I’ve bumped into recently, or have bookmarked them some time ago.

By the way, an idea that comes to my mind. What if we all bookmarked in Diigo Flickr resources we found in cyberspace related to education, Flickr4Education? Not only that, what if we tagged Flickr4Education our Flickr photos that might be of interest to the educators community? What if we started the #flickr4education in Twitter? I’m sure Flickr would be even more powerful for our community with a collective action to bring together loose pearls out there in cyberworld into consistent tagging.

Let’s start right now the flickr4education movement and show the educational power of Flickr.

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8 responses to “Flickr Educational Power”

  1. I am writing for the second time…who knows if my first comment came in. Anyway, this is a super place and brand nw. Complimenti on the title and the header!!! Your boys are beautiful and the word collablogatorium is a wonderful invention…!

  2. Hi, how are you?
    Well I completed my essay which title is “how to teach japanese”, please check it out.

  3. @susan yes! Your comment is showing here. Thanks for the kind words. I like that photo of the boys on the header. It’s part of who I am, right? Besides, I thought the photo has everything to do with the title of the blog.

    As for the topic of this post, Flickr4education, any resources or ideas you might want to share? Would love to hear more from you.

  4. Thank you for the link to my blog post on telling tales with Flickr. It was surprising, but pleasing, to see it described as one of the “finest pearls” you’d come across. 🙂

    The tag I’ve been using when I blog about this kind of stuff is eduFlickr, so if you want to see more of the stuff I’ve been thinking about, you could search my blog for eduFlickr.

    Now I need to tear myself away from the host of good links you have given here and go to a departmental meeting. 🙁

  5. David, I’ll keep exploring Flickr as an educational resource as we’ll have a free online session for educators in January. Of course your post is a pearl!

    Nice that you gave me feedback on the tag. So, now I’ll starting tagging things flickr4education and eduflickr.

  6. P.S. Just noticed that the search on Blogger doesn’t pick up blogger tags. How odd! If you want to see my more recent EduFlickr posts (including one with a scribd handout on Telling Tales with Flickr) you will need to look for the EduFlickr tag as well as doing a search.

    {Note to self: see if there is a way to make blogger search its own tags as well as the content of posts!}

    Thanks again for the good links you have provided here.

  7. David,

    I tend to go to technorati for searches, but it’s very odd it’s not picking up tags like flickr4education or eduflickr. I decided to use Google Blog search and it did a very nice job. You can subscribe to the tags from there. Also, something I knew it existed but never used it is the “Google Alerts”. We can set it up to receive email notification whenever people use the tag we’re following. Have you ever used this feature?

    So, from now on I’ll tag my Flickr post with flickr4education as well as eduflickr.

    I’d love to have you on board in our Electronic Village session, “Images4Education”, starting in January. You’d be of great inspiration to other educators who are willing to give Flickr and other tools a try. How about that?

  8. Dear Suzie,

    It was a pleasure to mention the outstanding work you’ve done for the educational community at . I’m the one to thank YOU for the wonderful resource and will point out to educators during our Images4Education session in January. And Yes, let’s keep tagging flickr4education and eduflickr so that we bump into each other’s resources. Soon I’ll write a new post for the ones starting on how to set Google Alerts for specific tags. It might be really helpful to keep track of subjects you’re interested in.

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