Images4Education in Classroom2.0 Live

Images4Education and EVO-Special Guest: Carla Arena – via kwout

Yesterday I had the big pleasure to be with the girls, Peggy George, Lorna Constantini, Kim Caise and Steven Hargadon in a live session of Classroom2.0. A nice crowd probably hungry at lunch time wanted to know more about the Electronic Village Online and the session we moderated in Jan/Feb 2009, Images4Education. Incredibly exciting to see how more and more educators are understanding the power and need for sustainable professional development. Not one that starts and finishes, but an ongoing effort, non-linear with thrilling connective opportunities. Technology provides us with the power of linking to educators, ideas, cultures around the world with a search of international best practices for our classrooms. Tempting even for very busy educational professionals!

Note: I just learned about with the girls and loved it! It shares our links in a more visual way.

Classroom 2.0 LIVE Resources for June 13, 2009-Images4Education and EVO on gl·am – Link Group Service via kwout

I’d like to thank to all who could be there with us, asking and sharing. I always learn from that.


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  1. Dear Carla,
    Thank you again and again for the wonderful minutes spent with you and educators around the world who joined and participated at the live session you mentioned above. I am grateful to you for the invitation. Each time I join the events you run enriches my knowledge and opens new doors before this wonderful and terrific e-world.
    May your ideas be bright and inspiring long life.

  2. dear girls,

    You made my day! Thanks for your very kind words, and be sure that I´m always learning from you, as well, and our friendly online community. I´m always in awe to see the power of learning in such spaces…

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