Introductions Practice in the EFL Classroom with Authentic Content

Besides using Haiku Deck app to create visually-appealing presentations, what if you used it with students to help them use language with content produced by real people. So, it is the old “this is..; she does this and that” with a twist in authenticity.

Take, for example, this presentation:

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad

  • The teacher could ask students to present her in the form of a paragraph with the most important information.
  • Students can prepare questions based on the information presented, and then another students would act out as if she were the lady.
  • Students could work on expanding the information on a slide as if they were the woman, i.e., they could talk about her 3 sons and husband (slide 2)

I’m sure you’ll find wonderful “about me” presentations to work with language authentically in Haiku Deck’s Pinterest Board:

Of course, it would be great if students could use one of the sample presentations to prepare their own “about me” page.



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