Leadership – Attending a Certificate Program in TESOL 2010

Murphy’s 8 roles for Intelligent Leadership:

  1. Selector
  2. Connector
  3. Problem Solver
  4. Evaluator
  5. Negotiator
  6. Healer
  7. Protector
  8. Synergizer
The first 7 roles are worked on in order to have the synergy of a group in which the parts work best together than when they do it separately.
Consider this communication ladder that we find in any organization:
  • contempt
  • hostility
  • avoidance
  • indifference
  • contact
  • awareness
  • involvement
  • empathy
Where do you think you fit? Where are most of your colleagues? How would you help your co-workers to move towards contact, awareness, involvement and empathy?
Supervision – rooted on the vision that supervisors should “examine” a teacher’s classroom looking for “errors”. This is historical, and that’s why we still have many “snoopervisors”.
Effective Supervision – helping teachers to become reflective, well-informed learners and how we communicate with teachers.
Three approaches to Supervision:
  1. Directive/informational approach
  2. Collaborative approach
  3. The self-directed approach
Three barriers to communication with teachers:
  1. Judging behavior
  2. Offering unsolicited solutions
  3. avoiding other’s concerns
Session with MaryAnn Christison


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