Organizing Books

Organizing Books
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Interesting to notice how much the books represent who we are, what our drives, interests are, and still there are empty spaces for much more, for rethinking, regearing, redisigning ourselves every single day…Which books shoul we

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add to our shelves that will make a difference for us and the ones surrounding us?


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  1. I admit I´m not much of a reader. However, I enjoy reading, believe it or not, biographies. I have already read Frank Sinatra, Tina Turner and Madonna. Now, I´m into Hillary Clinton. And of course educational material, whenever it´s possible. xox

  2. Dear Cleide, I love books and to read. However, during the semester I tend to focus more on professional stuff. During vacation, I love to read novels. Funny, I guess I’ve read a single biography in my whole life, Cartier-Bresson’s, a wonderful photographer whose work I really admire.

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