Superlame for the Classroom

Students as creators. We still duel over the institutional, syllabus demands and our willingness to test new approaches to our classrooms. Nothing better than starting really small, baby steps, micro-projects. So, here’s a very, very simple one. It can be used on a computer lab or even in class with a single computer. It works with any topic, any subject-area.

Grab a photo from the computer, download a Creative Commons one, or take the photo with your group.

Upload it to . Add speech bubbles to practice grammar, to explore vocabulary, to practice a dialogue. No logins required!

Then, just send it to an email or save it to a computer. Easy, practical, simple, doable. That’s what it takes to start giving control to students, to let become producers of content and to make them owners of the language they are learning.

I’d love to see some examples of classroom production using superlame!


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