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  • Hot Topics in Ed Tech

    I had the pleasure to be in Goiânia for a talk sponsored by Richmond to talk to local teachers about the trends in Ed Tech. It was a very pleasant morning with a group of motivated and interested educators. Here’s the presentation: Ed Tech Hot Topics in ELT from Carla Arena As I pointed out…

  • Online

    This topic is certainly dear to me. Just making a retrospective of my own blogging, I can see how many times the words connections, interconnected, relationship, connectivity appear in my writing, not to mention my talk. I can see how connectivity is part of my life in every sense of the word. In the past,…

  • Twitter Mosaic

    Many of us in Twitter keep praising the advantages of being connected through microblogging. Thanks to Bill Graziadei, I can now make a Twitter Mosaic. It’s clear to me that everyone in this human mosaic adds value to my professional and personal life in such meaningful ways that are beyond words.