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I had the pleasure to be in Goiânia for a talk sponsored by Richmond to talk to local teachers about the trends in Ed Tech. It was a very pleasant morning with a group of motivated and interested educators.

Here’s the presentation:

Ed Tech Hot Topics in ELT from Carla Arena

As I pointed out to the audience, we could slice reality and Ed Tech Trends in many different ways, but I tried to keep it simple and relevant, always considering our learners, learning and connections the main focus. I could have mentioned many hot topics, but I decided to talk about:

  • Mobile Learning
  • Hybrid Instructional Models
  • Social Media in Education/Social Learning
  • Students and Teachers as Creators
  • Gamification
  • Sustained on-going Professional Development

Some references and resources I promised sharing here: (a room that you can create to talk to your students, encourage collaboration and conversations, and get feedback) (My co-worker’s blog with some nice simple activities with mobile devices)
Picollage app – nice app to create photo mosaic, text and images (online collaborative wall; I used it in the international collaborative project with Rio and Dusseldorf) (search on Twitter to find resources for the classroom or even to ask students to make a search – We used the example of the superlatives); I’ve written a series of blogposts at; hashtags on Twitter that you might want to check (#eadsunday ; #eltchat; #breltchat; #eflchat)
Facebook Groups for learning – (join us there!) (Interactive Image) (International Collaborative Project with videos) (example of student video created with the app iMovie) (Brazil in the World Cup Soccer Finals – example of video created by teacher Cleide) (classroom management tool for young learners with a gamification approach)

I think these are a great start for a teacher’s toolbox that is really into making a move into change and more motivating and engaging classroom practices. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact me.


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