On the Ed Tech Radar: #TCEA14


I’ve always mentioned to educators how transformative and connective Twitter has been for me every since I joined it in 2007.

Some think it is not for them, others say they don’t have time or patience.

I never give up on showing the how powerful Twitter is even for basic things, like a quick search on certain topics.

Another way that Twitter can be a powerful tool is to follow up the back channeling going on in major educational conferences. From there, you can pick up new ideas, resources, and that’s where I also look for connecting with educators who were not in my radar before.

Just yesterday night, by total serendipity, I started following #TCEA14 . TCEA is one of the largest educational technology conventions in the US and the largest in Texas. I got glued. Great sharing, ideas, educators.

So, why don’t you just give Twitter a chance and check magic happen?



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