TESOL 2014 – From Social to Learning

From Social to Learning from Carla Arena
Besides the mLearning colloquium TESOL Interstection Session (EFL-IS/CALL-IS), “Experiences Integrating Mobile Learning in Language Classrooms Around the Globe”, I’ve had the great satisfaction to be part of a colloquium on Social Networking in ELT in which we had the chance to highlight uses and the history of social networking in ELTand discuss how social networking can provide more than just communication beyond classroom walls and opportunities for teacher training.
In my case, I gave specific examples of the power of social network platforms to provide contextualized practice and iteration, build community, recreate the concept of a textbook, and rethink the ways we can have provide and get feedback.
Being in Ballroom 257 was a very enriching experience not only as a presenter, but mainly as the audience. I had the chance to listen to very inspiring presentations, most of which you can find here with the recordings that the TESOL CALL-IS team has so diligently worked on for the whole conference.
Claire Siskin has kindly organized a page with our presentations and resources at http://edvista.com/claire/pres/social/


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