The Flickr Love Project

More than words, I think the slideshow depicts how a fantastically simple idea can be of a huge impact for people. The Flickr Love Project is such an amazing example of a connector.

You send a Flickr Mail to Keiko, a sweet Japanese girl, and she sends to you hearts in an envelope. The only thing you need to do? Take a heart photo, spread love and share it with the group.

Simply that. The result? Powerful. Joy, sense of belonging, sharing, enjoyable moments, and way beyond.

As an educator, I can’t resist it! I think this idea is one that could be used with any kind of object to connect classes around the world. I’ve been part of a Teddy Bear project with kids, and I now can picture a new twist to it by connecting classes via Flickr as the Teddy travels the world. It can be a simple paper Flat Stanley or monster.

Also, the guys at the Photo Fridays Group is doing a similar exchange with some raisins. Really cute.

I can picture some very nice and effective collaborative projects happening using Flickr, snail mail and an object to connect people and raise more cultural awareness, tolerance, peace…


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