Value your DNA – Keep Passion Alive

I’ve just started reading a very pleasant book. Nothing new, but simply painfully true. Gary Vaynerchuck’s “Crush it” talks about being true to our DNA in the beginning of his book.

For me, being true to our DNA is rescuing our roots and reminding ourselves what really makes it all worth it. I’ve been talking more and more, or even preaching, about the power of passion in everything we do. I’ve seen many educators with their passionate instincts dormant, just burnout, stressed out, lifeless…They even forget why they’ve started. They forget how fiery they once were about teaching, learning, the classroom….

I’d say that we need to start a Rescue your DNA program, in which inspiring people, professionals, educators find inspiration in what they believe in and who they are. What ticks them? How can they match their passions they once had and are latent into vibrant forces that are conducive to self-fulfillment, effective teaching and on-going learning?  What is the balance of keeping up with our routine, but not keep our drives simply inactive. We all need action, movement, transpiration, passion in our lives. We need to be true to our DNA. We need to find understanding and truth in what we do to be multipliers of powerful inspirational sourced to the ones around us. We need to transform or reform ourselves to be agents of change in society.

How should we start regaining passion in what we do and who we are?


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  1. Reading your posts is a good way to start.

  2. What a great idea! I agree, it is time for educators to reignite their passions for learning, teaching, and what makes us tick. It is time for all of us to use these to transform our classrooms and lives this year. I haven’t read Crush It yet, but George Couros did a session at about Identity Day that could be a great tie-in to this idea.

  3. Dear Dani, thanks for such nice words.

    Mrs. Tenkely, that’s exactly what I meant “reigniting our passion for learning and teaching”! I’ll take a look at George Couros ideas. Thanks for the pointer and for being around.

  4. I agree with both comments here Carla, following you on Twitter and all the amazing Educators connected with you as well, is a great way to keep alive and kicking. I also attended George Couros presentation during the reform symposium and it was awesome. Being open, eager to learn and share.

  5. Gilmar, because of Mrs. Tenkely’s pointer, I just finished watching George Couro’s presentation on my device. Truly inspiring and connected to what we’ve been discussing here. It even gave me an awesome idea of a celebration of Teachers’ day celebrations in october. Let’s see what we can do about it! Thanks, guys, for the awesome conversations here. It just sparks more of my passion for blogging!

  6. Dear, it was simply superb article. Thanks for your time.

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