Where I am From in Images4Education

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I am from a Brazilian dream
thriving on the “Planalto Central”
in the middle of nowhere

I am from a Brazilian dream of
hard working souls who built in five bustling migrating years
on a plateau with twisted trees and low vegetation
Concrete, modernism

I am from a cultural mix of Brazilian North easterners
and Sicilians
running along the aisles of coffee plantations
eating polpette della nonna

I am from the sounds of my mom’s sweet deep voice
following the tones of a guitar
The loud Italian table that seemed like a Sicilian battle

Loud laughs
Comforting laps
Integration and separation

I am from a dream of Carlo and Maria
the intensity of gestures
the Italian temper
the just
the sister connections never untied

I am who I am because of this dream.


We’ve finished Week 2 of our Images4Education session. It’s ineffable. No words for the way the connections and tasks have evolved. As Cheryl Oakes says this session is a true example of open source learning in its best form.

Ning has proven to be a powerful connector, a distinct content starter, an incredible human network architect. The almost 400 participants are everywhere, and still you find them in the “aisles”, actively engaged in a discussion, fomenting reflection, and adding value to their teaching practices through those connections.

I feel I’m part of something bigger, meaningful. I’m thankful to be working with a wonderful team and excited, generous educators from every corner of this vast world.

Learning has just started.


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