Cool Tool of the Week – My Studiyo – Creating Online Activities

Just tested My Studyio because a tweet from @GrahamStanley and @NikPeachey. What a great surprise as tomorrow I´ll be presenting about cool tools for the classroom for a group of Brazilian educators. I liked My Studyio because it´s user-friendly and very easy to register. You can have multiple choice questions with an attractive layout adding images, youtube videos and texts. The final result is an embeddable quiz that you can put anywhere on the Net, or even send to students.

Also, I can picture my students creating quizzes and posting them to the others to take the quizzes. By doing that, they will learn a new skill and practice the language structures they are focusing on. Oh, by the way, the fact that you can embed the quiz in Orkut is a plus for Brazilian students who are totally hooked to this social network.



5 responses to “Cool Tool of the Week – My Studiyo – Creating Online Activities”

  1. I never meant to be anonymous (lol). Maybe I could easily be identified by the song quotation.

  2. Gilmar, you couldn´t be anonymous. Never! Enjoy this very cool tool.

  3. It is,indeed, a neat tool, Aninha. Certainly worth giving a try. Let me know what you think.

  4. Simply amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Carla,
    I enjoyed your post about tools and wanted to shamelessly plug a new tool. It is and is a free, online learning management system that allows anyone to create courses and validate learning. We have only been out of beta for less than two weeks and I have been amazed at the variety and quality of courses that have been published. It has many of the features that you wrote about. We hope it will be a great supplement to classroom teaching. Your feedback will be most appreciated. I look forward to yor future posts.

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