Edit Teaching – Homework

Oh, this is a very touchy aspect of our teaching…

When have we innovated in homework assignments? We generally have the same language structure for homework instructions, “do pages x and z, ex. A, B and C for next class”.

In our edit teaching mode, what if we did it differently for a change?

Some ideas:

  • Ask your students how they could practice what they’ve learned and make a list on the board; decide as a group for two or three options the students can choose from. Give choices!
  • Find exciting ways in which students can practice, but still have fun and create things, not just reproduce! Here’s an article I wrote a while ago for the Young Learners and Teens IATEFL SIG that can give you some clues. 
  • Create a google docs with a situation (based on the topic or language structure the students have been studying) and invite students to add their thoughts, sentences, solutions, images. Make it a learning mosaic. 
  • From time to time, include parents and family members as part of the homework carrying out. It must be something simple and enjoyable for the family. Check this article
How about moving from boredom to creation, engagement and a smile in our students’ faces?
Any other ideas to shake the homework world and still make it meaningful and effective?

Other ideas for small changes in the classroom:

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