Edit Teaching – Cards

Today I observed a sample class and was just reminded about the many uses we can have for a deck of cards. 

Ace of spades
How about using them to add some movement to your class? Just by handing out one single card to each student, you make an eye brow raise. Students are immediately hooked.

What can you do with the cards?

  • Use them for pair work and group work. Group students according to the numbers, color or suits (clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades)
  • You can use the cards throughout the class to regroup the students in different ways
  • You can ask the students to add up the numbers they’ve got in their cards and make a list of XXX (according to the topic of the unit) that needs to have XXX number of items based on the addition they’ve got. So, for example, if they got 10 summing up all the card numbers in the group, they will write 10 things in their list.
  • Use the number the students have in their cards to ask them about personal things: tell me XXX places you’d like to travel to; give me XXX names of people who inspire you; list XXX things you don’t want to do today; 
Can you think of other ways to use cards in the classroom?

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