Edit Teaching – Word Harvesting

Did you roll the dice?

Fridge WordsHow about ending your class differently this time? Before it starts, post a lot of random words around the classroom. You can even ask your students to help you. Let curiosity mount! And make it a kinesthetic moment of your teaching hour.

In the last 5/10 minutes of your class, invite students for a WORD HARVESTING. They may pick and choose any word and as many words they want from the classroom walls. Then, give them 1 minute to write their life motto using the words they chose. They hand it in to you.

Hummm. This might work wonders and you can even use it for another class.

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2 responses to “Edit Teaching – Word Harvesting”

  1. Thank you for this wonderful strategy and it works for any language! I plan to share with our teachers.


  2. Glad you liked it, Sandy! Let me know what they did.

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