Editing Teaching – Roll the Dice

τα ζάρι : Dice

Who doesn´t like to roll the dice?

Well, we keep the challenge of changing bits of our lesson plan to make our classrooms more engaging, fun, with powerful human touch added to them.

In your next class, try this one!

Give each group or pair of students a die. There are different ways to use it.

  1. Write on the board numbers 1 to 6 and categories (food, color, hobby, TV show, music, etc); Sts roll the die and ask a question to their peers based on the topic they got (numbers on the board).
  2. This is one is playful and serious at the same time, for students need to really pay attention to language structure to be able to do it.
    You start with the beginning of some questions on the board; the students need to choose a question to ask to his/her peers and will need to complete it with as many words as he/she gets on the die (i.e., What type of ….? If he gets n. 4, he/she will have to add four words to the question, “What type of FOOD DO YOU LIKE?”). With numbers 1, 2, 3, it is more challenging, so you could either, tell the students that if they get 1 and 2, they are free to choose how they will end the question, or you can have questions on the board that can take one or two words to complete them. It is up to your imagination!
Any other fun and fast ideas for DICE to give a boost of energy and fun in our classes? I´d love to hear them!

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