Identity Logs – Students’ Empowerment, Passions and Micro-revolution


Ever since I listened to George Couros talking about Identity Day in the Reform Symposium, I’ve been pondering about the importance of helping our students develop a deeper sense of belonging, of finding their own passions and drives. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to make our learners’ inner voices bloom into more understanding of what truly makes them go beyond, do their best and look for ways to face their own personal challenges?

As I kept mulling over, I came up with a very simple classroom idea: to create an identity log throughout a period of time. Then use this log to create a digital artifact to represent who we are.
Transformative? Empowering, to say the least.

Every beginning or end of classes, the teacher would come up with a prompt. Students would use that prompt to freely write, doodle, draw for, let’s say, two or three minutes. After a certain period of time, students would look back at their identity logs and synthesize them on a digital artifact to represent themselves. It could be a video, a comic strip, an image, a mosaic, a slideshow to share with the other students.

Some prompt ideas for the Identity Log project:
What I like most about myself…
Every time I see…it makes me…because…
I daydream when…
My most special moment of the day is…
….is someone whom I cherish because…
No one could ever imagine that I…
Three things about my favorite hobby…
I am someone who can’t stand…
I am someone that loves…

Some of the digital tools the students could use for their digital production:

And here’s an example of a “Who I am” series with some educators to inspire you to get started by trying out yourself and transforming your students’ perspectives about themselves, about who they are, what they are capable of with a very simple Identity Log activity.

by Luiz Cláudio


3 responses to “Identity Logs – Students’ Empowerment, Passions and Micro-revolution”

  1. Interesting idea Carla. I was looking for a way to get my kids writing for regularly and creatively at the beginning of a lesson and this could link in really nicely with the unit which is called “My World”. You could even make them about characters from books. Finding pictures that represent the characters interests and life.

  2. What a great idea to make an identity log. I love what George did for his school through identity day but for so many that full vision just isn’t possible.

  3. Dear Carla, that’s a great idea connecting to your My World project. Let me know how it goes.

    Mrs. Tenkely, I think that the identity logs can be a very simple idea to implement.

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