Make it Small, Move Slowly, Make it Big

Still on what I had mentioned for New Year’s with my no-wish-list statement, I just came across a very enjoyable read that is inspiring and plain simple.

Mitch Joel, in his post “The Deception os Malcolm Gladwell, Seth Godin and Gary Vaynerchuk” (no wonder I’m a huge fan of these guys!) mentions the power of taking a step of a time, making things a habit and giving you some time to change. In fact, many people think that any move is about taking a big decision and just going for it. Wrong. All the big decisions in life have a maturation time, a period to settle in and become part of your mindset. Just then, it becomes an A-Ha moment. We might thing that it happens overnight, but it doesn’t. We just need to have an open mind and the willingness to give a different perspective to our thoughts, actions and habits.

slow media

So, instead of big promises with huge moves, what if we made a very small change in our routine that can become a major impacting change in the near future? No wish lists, no promises, but one small change. I’ve already decided for mine. Let’s see how it works. How about you?


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