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I have an aunt, tia Mercês, who is incredible passionate and knowledgeable about everything art-design-related. She is all for building local communities of artisans to make their lives a decent one that goes much beyond survival. She wants to empower people through their skills, traditions and passions.

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Yesterday, she sent me some some stunning web documentaries sites that feed our souls and bring distinct lights and colors to our sight. One of them caught me for some time. I wondered what the lives of these people were like, I wanted to explore every corner of their houses, to be there with them. See and explore the lives of those people living in high-rise buildings across the planet and let your imagination go wild:


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My words here won’t make justice to this cultural project that is embedded with storytelling through the senses, the clicking, the power of images.

And, of course, as an educator I couldn’t help it, but consider some possibilities for the classrooms:

– exploring the housing differences and similarities around the world.

– Inviting students to choose one of the people in one of those windows and write about their days from the perspective of a certain person. The others would have to guess who the person is.

– Letting them freely explore the houses, then they’d take a photo of their own houses and talk about it.

– Choosing a scene in a certain apartment and writing the dialogue.

– adding another person to the setting and reporting how this person got there, what the relationship with others members is.

– making it a collaborative project in which different classes around the world build their own out of my window page

I guess I could spend day here thinking of possibilities. What if you shared ideas with us?

I’m sure tia Mercês will have some wild ideas to share with me, as well!


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  1. Georgia Psarra Avatar
    Georgia Psarra

    How about having each student describe a scene from a window and put the pieces together? Like a short video of people moving around the house doing things in different rooms, alone or with someone else

    1. Carla Arena Avatar
      Carla Arena

      This would be awesome, Georgia! As a teacher, I´m always thinking about the follow-up to that. Students would make the video and?

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