Susan Boyle’s Lessonplan

It’s undeniable the power of strong-willed people with a talent driven by a main goal or ambition.

Susan Boyle has gone from mockery to total public awe and stardom.

Karenne, a very generous EFL teacher, has shared with us a very well-devised and elaborated lesson plan for an English class.

Check it out at her blog


2 responses to “Susan Boyle’s Lessonplan”

  1. Hi Carla..
    WOW! Fantastic. Thanks for sharing and of course I’ll be visiting Karenne’s place to thank her as well. I heard about Susan and everything related to her very early by Vicky from the CoolCatTeacher blog. That’s what you’ve always said. Start socializing, networking and ….the sky is the limit.

  2. It is true, Gilmar! The example of Susan Boyle certainly shows us the power of the networks, twitter, blogs, everything Web! And you’ll see what a wonderful lessonplan this is.

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