mLearning – Turn your Ipad into an Interactive Board

Educreations, Showme, Screenchomp are  simple and multifaceted for the language classroom. These free screencasting apps have multiple possibilities, ranging from recording students’ dialogues or letting them freely talk about a subject as they show on the screen what they are exploring. There’s drawing, typing a text or inserting an image while recording. The students can change colors, sizes, forms in a totally intuitive way.

Besides all these advantages of language production, once it is ready, you can publish them on a website and share your students’ work with parents, the students themselves and the world.
Here’s an example of what my students produced. They had to create their own stores:

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This is just one of the possibilities for these screencasting apps. I like to consider them a platform to enhance students’ creativity and free production, but it certainly goes beyond. Here, for example, I used Educreations to create a challenge for my students. We were studying the difference between “Used to” and “would”. They had to listen to both stories and check the differences and try to guess which version was the correct one:


How about teachers and students creating tutorials? Easy with these tools, just some touch and clicks away!

By now I think you can really picture how nice these apps can be for the language classroom, but there is one way you can use one iPad to turn it into an interactive board. What you need to do it? Only the iPad and a projector in the classroom! You can just open the app type, draw, show images, move things around  and record what you are saying as you go, and all this can be projected for students. You can add things to the white board, as well as delete them. However, more exciting than that is inviting students to come to the front and teach a lesson, touching things in the app, making them gain life as others interact with the learner. If you wish, you can even share the lesson afterwards with your students by just sending the link to it. Ready to give this idea a try? I’m sure you’ll be amazed by its potential, and would love to know the results if you try using these screencasting apps as an interactive board!


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