On the mLearning Productivity Radar – Slack for Teamwork

WhatsApp groups proliferate by the minute. We use it for family and friends groups, with travel buddies, and nowadays we’ve even turned it into an essential team communication tool to make conversations more dynamic and fluid. However, the tool, meant to be tailored especially for social purposes might not be the one you need to have a more productive life at work.

This is where Slack gets in the story. I’ve heard about it from a dear friend at work who directed me to this article in The NYTimes . It seemed promising at first, so we just got the team on board to test it. Easy to sign up and get started. Crossplatform, which I love, meaning that you can get things done online or on the go.

Slack guys say that

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 10.45.41 AM

It seems that they’ve nailed it, for from the little I’ve tested, I just loved that I can mention someone in the team using @  and I can create topic channels with #. Slack is integrated with major services like Google Drive, Dropobox, files, posts, images, once shared with the group are easily searchable. And mentions have also their own place to be found on the sidebar.

We make most of our social media tools working tools by adapting them, but in this case, you might consider using an app that does exactly what it promises  to add more communication fluidity and productivity to your team.

I still haven’t explored all the features Slack provides, but it seems that this simple communication tool is just what I needed at work.


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