Tools to Enhance your Presentation Skills

The art of presenting is one that challenges us, educators. We are always finding ways to refine our skills, not only to make the classroom experience a more significant one, but also to share what we do and learn with others.

One year ago exactly I wrote a post, Manifesto for Conference Presenters after attending IATEFL. It is one of my favorite posts ever. I always feel that when we present, preparation, generosity and respect for our audience are key.

Here are some resources that I’ve recently learned about and others that I’ve been keeping as a reference.

Baiba Svenca has been curating very useful tips and tools for presenters in her

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Here’s a Pinterest board I’ve been keeping:

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And the best at last!
Nancy Duarte is well-known for her advice and presentation techniques.
In her multimedia book Resonate, she shares fantastic ideas and tips about the art of presenting.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 1.41.46 PM
Resonate – Page 7


What’s are your tips for a great presentation? What was the last inspiring presentation you’ve seen? What made it special?





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