Storytelling – Five Card Story

This week, in our Digitools EVO session, we’re exploring writing. To be more specific, creative writing. Jane Petring carefully prepared wonderful tasks for that. She used many interesting writing platforms that we had collected. They are all fantastic ones, but I’d like to highlight one in special created by Alan Levine, the Five Card story.

There are so many possibilities there for students. They have a choice to grab the five random cards to write their stories.

The students can write their stories and share on the site.

They can write the stories and give each other’s stories the title of their peers’ stories.

The teacher could assign the picture cards and see what students come up with and then compare to the original story posted on the site. Take, for example, this very short story. The teacher could show the pictures to students, give them the guidelines, they could write the stories, compare each other’s stories and then check what the author came up with.

Five Card Story: The Best Thing about a Mac

a PLP ConnectU story created by tesuque

flickr photo by cogdogblog

flickr photo by cogdogblog

flickr photo by cogdogblog

flickr photo by AJ Wms

flickr photo by giulia.forsythe
Had a PC. Fed up with trojans.Bought a Mac. Finally saw the light! Practically no viruses!

So much to explore in the realm of digital storytelling, but my advice is always to keep it simple and fun for you and your learners.


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  1. Nice, Barbara. I keep all my photos in flickr with creative commons license. I’m surely going to check your students’ work. By the way, loved your blog!

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