Kids Teaching Bloggers

Kids are an endless resource of learning. They teach us every single day with their body language, words, funny sentences that make sense.

In the second activity of the Teacher Challenge, we were asked to analyze a blog post in terms of its effectiveness.If there’s one blogger I don’t miss, Darren Rowse from Problogger is the one. He just knows the drill.

One of his recent blog posts that grabbed my attention was

What My 4-Year-Old Son Taught Me About Successful Blogging

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Here are some of the reasons this is a catchy effective blog post:
  • Darren tells a story. He is personal, he connects.
  • He starts by grabbing readers’ attention through the title. Though it is a big one, it is totally effective into driving his audience to the text and video.
  • He gives choices to readers: multimedia with the video, plus the video transcript. 
  • The video has a professional look, high-quality end.
  • The reader feels as if you were there with him in the room just as if we knew him face-to-face.
  • He has momentum in his story and he gets to his main goal stated in the post title. He doesn’t disappoint the reader.
  • He gives his message in one sentence “Tell something important to the world”. He asks for action.
The next time I or you write a post, we’d better take into consideration Darren’s 4-year-old son advice of telling something important to the world. Plus, using Problogger’s author strategies to masterfully deliver a message. So, I bet you have an important message to the world. We all do. What’s yours?


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